About the Show


Donna, Joey, Kyle and Steve are four high school metal heads that dream of making it big with their folk metal band, Loch Ness. Now, all they need to do is figure out how to keep a lead singer. However, in their hometown of Omaha, Nebraska there’s not a lot of candidates lining up for the position. With overbearing parents, lack of funds and a bass player who manages to get it wrong more then right, will they ever keep it together long enough to truly rock out?

Like many great TV shows (and a few bad ones), Loch Ness: The Web Series is based on a true story. Yes – there was a folk-metal band based out of Omaha, Nebraska called Loch Ness not that long ago. It was their journey to the land of metal that inspired the series creator and original Loch Ness band member, Christina Marie Leonard, to share the tale.

The Characters:


Never really fitting in with the girls, Donna always considered herself one of the guys – just prettier and better smelling. With a meddling mother and an enthusiastic father, Loch Ness and her keyboard are her only outlets for expression.



Neal Peart. Lars Ulrich. Dave Lombardo – The great drummers of our time, and Joey considers himself one of them; now he just needs to get the rest of the world to acknowledge it. With the passion and the looks to make him a superstar, he will lead Loch Ness into greatness despite all of the odds.



Pessimistic and cynical, Loch Ness’ lead guitarist tends to be a Debbie Downer despite being from the “right” side of the tracks. At seventeen, and the baby of the group, he yearns for the day he can buy his own cigarettes and prove he’s a true metal head.



Even with his constant pot smoking and video game playing, Steve still finds the time to write killer bass lines. Which is good; since everything else he tries to help with tends to cause more problems then solutions.